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Copernicia baileyanaCopernicia baileyana

Encephalartos feroxEncephalartos ferox


Our Purpose:

Palm Beach Palm & Cycad Society is a Non Profit Corporation. Our purpose is to further the scientific and educational study of palms and cycads, their propagation, culture, conservation, care and development. Also, to promote public interest, preservation, distribution of palms and cycads, and to be inclusive of all those who desire the same.

Our Meeting:

The Palm Beach Palm and Cycad Society members meet year round, on the 1st Wednesday of each month at Mounts Botanical Garden. The meetings are open to everyone. If you are not a member, then we encourage you to sign up today!

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Raphia farinifera
Raphia farinifera
Wodyetia bifurcata
Wodyetia bifurcata
Calptronoma rivalisCalptronoma rivalis


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