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Syagrus botryophora

Copernicia macroglossa

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2016 Digital Newsletters

  • January 2016
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Hydriastele dransfieldii by Charlie Beck
    • ARTICLE: Mowry Family Donates Special Plants to Mounts Botanical Garden by Charlie Beck
  • February 2016
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Caryota no by Charlie Beck
    • ARTICLE: Itch, scratch. Itch, Scratch by Mary Jarett Whisler
    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Annual Spring Sale Details
  • March 2016
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Phoenix dactylifera by Charlie Beck
    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Spring Sale Details
    • ARTICLE: Fast Growing Palms
    • PHOTOS: Acrocomia aculeata, Borassus aethiopum, Bismarckia nobilis, Carpentaria acuminata,
      Veitchia sp., Cocos nucifera var. ‘Maypan”, Arenga pinnata, Kentiopis oliviformis, Roystonea oleracea.
  • April 2016
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Lanonia dasyantha by Charlie Beck
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Lanonia dasyantha by Dale Holton
    • ARTICLE: Hose End Timers by Charlie Beck
    • A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU: A very special thank you to Bob Grimm for his generous donation of books to the Palm Beach Palm & Cycad Society Library
    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Palm Beach Palm & Cycad Society Ramble
    • PHOTOS: Palm Beach Palm & Cycad Society Sale
  • May 2016
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Identifying Coccothrinax
      Article and photos by Larry R. Noblick, Palm Biologist, Montgomery Botanical Center
      (Reprinted with the permission of Larry R. Noblick)
    • UPDATE: Comparison of Copernicia baileyana and Copernicia fallaensis Rachis Length
  • June 2016
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Guihaia argyrata by Charlie Beck
    • ARTICLE: Palm and Cycad Enthusiasts around the World Reach Out by Charlie Beck
    • ARTICLE: Chelated Iron Update by Charlie Beck
  • July 2016
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Elaeis oleifera by Charlie Beck
    • ARTICLE: More Greenery (Palms and Cycads!) Helps You Live Longer by John Kennedy
    • ARTICLE: Surprise in the Palm Garden by Charlie Beck
  • August 2016
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Thrinax radiata by Charlie Beck
    • ARTICLE: Valentini Garden Tour by Charlie Beck
    • PHOTOS: Neoveitchia storckii, Pritchardia pacifica, Archontophoenix alexandrae, Areca catechu, Attalea cohune, Coccothrinax hybrid, Coccothrinax miraguama, Copernicia macroglossa, Encephalartos manikensis var. whitlockii, Hyophorbe lagenicaulis , Latania verschaffeltii, Latania loddigesii, Roscheria melanochaetes, Sabal mauritiiformis, Verschaffeltia splendida, Wallichia disticha.
    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Palm Society Annual Member Picnic and Best Auction of the Year
  • September 2016
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Trachycarpus fortunei by Charlie Beck
    • PHOTOS: Ptychosperma cuneatum fruit and Pritchardia vuylstekeanain fruit
    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Our Sincere Condolences
    • ARTILCE: Proven Cold Hardy Palms by Charlie Beck
    • PHOTOS: Phoenix rupicola, Burretiokentia hapala, Laccospadix australasica, Livistona saribus, Phoenix paludosa, Wallichia disticha, Oraniopsis appendiculata, Allagoptera arenaria.
    • ANNOUNCEMENT: SAVE THE DATES, Palm Society Annual Fall Palm & Cycad Sale and
      Palm Society Annual Member Picnic and Best Auction of the Year
  • October 2016
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Chamaedorea brachypoda and Chamaedorea stolonifera by Charlie Beck
    • ARTICLE: Seeding Attalea crassispatha by Charlie Beck
    • ARTICLE: Boron Deficiency in Phoenix sylvestris by Charlie Beck
    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Palm Beach Palm & Cycad Sciety, Annual Fall Sale
    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Palm Beach Palm & Cycad Society, Annual Picnic & Best Auction of the Year.
  • November 2016
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Sabal etonia by Charlie Beck
    • PHOTOS: Palm Beach Palm & Cycad Society, 2016 Annual Picnic & Best Auction of the Year.
    • ARTICLE: Coconut Harvest by Charlie Beck
  • December 2016
    • FEATURED THIS MONTH: Holiday Party Giveaway Palms
    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Palm Society 2017 Officers Elected

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